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Our brand new nursing & pumping bras are finally here! Meet The Myra Bra (left) and The Daphne Bra (right) for ultimate comfort, convenience and all-day sexy style!

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Mix and match and get our nursing and pumping bras as low as RM 98 per bra!

We say NO to free sizing!

We all come in different shapes and sizes, so we make sure all our products have inclusive sizing from XS all the way to 3XL to cater to every Mama!

Our Goal

Boss Mama is co-founded by two Malaysian mothers, Shakira & Junita, who saw gaps in the market where moms were underserved.

Their mission today is to help mothers confidently power through the daily challenges of motherhood with thoughtfully designed maternity essentials for bump, breast & beyond!

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Boss Mama supports more than just your boobs! Their Real-Support Bra is a nursing and pumping bra that I use all day.
Customer reviews
Seeing double? Just talking (and dancing) to myself in the morning in my bra + bengkung (because these 2 are inseparable). I've been living in mine and don't intend to take these off!

Real-Support Bra for pumping breastfeeding, yoga... you name it. SlimShape Bengkung is doing wonders for my posture and recovery!
Customer reviews
If you’re looking for something to help make your waist slimmer this Raya (ahem, you know, to fit in that kebayaaa 😝) you should try this SlimShape Bengkung by Boss Mama!

I love that it’s really comfy to wear (tak rasa senak like some bengkung does) and bila duduk, dia tak roll up. Terletak elok je. Perfect for new mama yang baru bersalin tu AND old mama with a “mommy pouch” like me! 😝

I got mine in 2 sizes - S and XS so I’m hoping to fit in XS with consistent wearing in a few weeks time! 💪🏻
Customer reviews
Alhamdulillah, the taste of the 7-Star Milk Booster is so sedap, macam chocolate flavour. I minum twice a day so far. This is my 2nd day and my breastmilk rasa full, bila anak minum cepat kenyang tidur pun lama. 🤗
Customer reviews
I've been using the Real-Support Bra since my little girl was born & am deeply in love with the product. It’s comfortable & functional & came in very handy when I used to pump milk. Even though I’ve stopped pumping, I still use the bra for everyday wear. Would definitely recommend if you’re a mama looking for comfort & class.
Customer reviews
I can’t wait to use the SlimShape Bengkung after my 2nd birth! I look forward to that day. Now, I don’t need to worry about finding a perfect bengkung.

The SlimShape Bengkung also helps me to sit up straight without slouching. I always slouch, even when I’m walking.
Customer reviews
Boss Mama has my postpartum essentials: a good nursing bra that you can also pump with, and a bengkung all day everyday!
Customer reviews
During my first pregnancy and nursing my firstborn, I didn't know that nursing bras would be something I lived in! Now that I'm a little bit more experienced, I can't believe I lived without Boss Mama! I've been wearing it throughout my pregnancy and can't wait to nurse my next baby in it too.
Customer reviews
It’s never glamorous, but it should always be comfortable. With my Real-Support Bra from Boss Mama, I can nurse and pump in comfort anytime, anywhere. After months of wearing this bra (washed every 2-3 days), I can honestly say that it is worth every penny. Confidence is key when it comes to breastfeeding and this bra gave me exactly that! Thank you, Boss Mama!
Customer reviews
The Real-Support Bra is by far the comfiest nursing bra that is easy to direct feed, especially when your baby tends to be playful with you. You can just easily slip in and out without any clip-ons.
Customer reviews
Some of you may think this bra is only for nursing mommies (and my mama friends have been raving about the comfort and convenience of this bra!) - but it also works for us fur/plant moms who just want a lightweight all-day bra for low impact workouts or working/lounging at home.
Customer reviews
I’m thankful to Boss Mama's Real-Support Bra for making my breastfeeding journey a lot easier!

7-Star Milk Booster

Level up your breastfeeding experience with our effective 7-Star Milk Booster! This supplemental beverage is jam-packed with 7 key ingredients to improve your breastmilk quality and your overall health & wellness ♥

Now comes in Chocolate flavour and ALL-NEW Berry flavour!

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