Breast milk and Its Benefits!

πŸ’• Lactoferrin is a protein found naturally in milk from humans and cows. It is also found in several other fluids in the body such as saliva, tears, mucus.

πŸ’• Lysozyme is a naturally occurring enzyme found in bodily secretions such as tears, saliva, and milk.

πŸ’• Immunoglobulins, also known as antibodies, are produced by plasma cells (white blood cells).

Breast milk doesn’t lose its benefits and nutrients at 12 months. In fact, your milk changes to meet your growing child’s needs. There are countless benefits to breastfeeding and it’s recommended to breastfeed until the child and mother no longer desire to. It’s normal, natural, beneficial to our babies and our bodies were designed to do this.

The best part is continuing to breastfeed after 12 months has shown to lower the chances of some childhood and adult illnesses such as diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, colds and flu, thrush and ear, throat and lung infections, and if your baby does get ill, breast milk helps him recover more quickly! 🍼

This is helpful as he gets older and starts interacting with other children or going into childcare, where germs can be rife!

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