Can Newborns Go Out in Public? 🌞

Can you take a newborn baby out in public??

This is a question that so many new mamas have ❤️

Because it's natural to be worried about venturing out with a new baby when we just want to keep them safe at home. 🧐

Truth is, it's completely okay to take baby out of the house those first few weeks for some fresh air.

In fact, as long as baby is healthy and dressed appropriately, venturing out actually comes with AMAZING benefits postpartum like:

🌞 Provides fresh air for both mama and baby
🌞 Helps mama de-stress as we heal and become more mobile
🌞 Provides a change of scenery when we have been cooped up inside
🌞 Gives mama the chance to create a routine
🌞 Soothes baby and helps with sleeping

The problem is public places like indoor crowds where airborne germs spread easily 😷

Especially in this pandemic 🦠

Avoid places like the mall until about 8 weeks to limit exposure that could be dangerous for an immature immune system.

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