Normalized Apologizing To Kids


The best way to teach your kids how you’d like them to behave is to behave that way yourself.

When you’ve made a mistake or upset your child in some way, taking the time sit down and apologize teaches your child both that it’s important and how to do it. It normalizes apologizing—showing your kids that even you apologize when you’re wrong makes it less taboo of an act for them. And thoughtfully apologizing on your own volition shows your kids that it’s more than reluctantly saying “I’m sorry” when forced to by an adult, but instead an honest, heartfelt act built out of caring for the other person.

The words you use, the tone you set, the meaning you put behind the act. These teach your children the value of apologizing and the right way to do it.

The tiny moment of you apologizing for a wrong unlocks for your kids the wisdom that it’s OK to fail as long as you learn from the experience, atone for your mistakes, and live smarter next time.

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