Signs of Preterm Labour (PTL) & What You Need To Know

Preterm labour (PTL) is defined by regular contractions that open your cervix anywhere from 20 weeks until 37 weeks pregnant. The cause of PTL is not clear cut. There are risk factors that increase your chances of PTL but it can happen without any risk factors at all.⁠ That being said, save this post for future reference. PTL mamas add your experience below for more insight)

Signs & symptoms:

🤰🏻 Regular or frequently occurring contractions. (with or without pain)

🤰🏻 Low, dull backache that doesn't go away

🤰🏻 Pelvic or abdominal pressure

🤰🏻 Abdominal cramping

🤰🏻 Spotting or bleeding (usually light)

🤰🏻 Rupture of membranes

🤰🏻 A change in vaginal discharge: watery, mucus, or bloody

As mentioned before, there are risk factors but doing the following is your best plan of action:

🤰🏻 Do not skip prenatal appointment

🤰🏻 Eat healthily

🤰🏻 Stay hydrated

🤰🏻 Avoid smoking, drugs, and other unhealthy habits

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