Love Hormone!

Hormones are wonderful!⁠ ✨

Oxytocin is also known as the "love hormone" because it helps you feel mushy and lovey, and it helps with bonding. ⁠

Immediately postpartum, oxytocin helps bring on strong contractions that help control bleeding and prevent hemorrhaging.

It also helps with milk let down with nursing!⁠

⚠️There are few ways to boost oxytocin, let us share with you📝

1. Yoga
2. Listen to music
3. Get a massage
4. Tell someone how much you care
5. Spend time with your loved one
6. Meditate
7. Cook and eat with someone you care about
8. Have sex
9. Cuddle or hug
10. Do something nice for someone

Conclusion is, do whatever that make you feel happy. When you are happy, it promotes positive feelings in you and help to increase oxytocin production too! ♥️

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