What it feels like to latch for the first time and why I became an exclusively-pumping mom

Author: Junita Rashid, Co-Founder of Boss Mama


After going through 48 hours of trying vaginal birth and an emergency c-section after, all I wanted to do was sleep. The doctor said I snored throughout the stitching session. I believe her—I was exhausting and bloated. If AirPods existed back then, she might've put it on.



During the c-section birth of my second son, Rayyan.


I didn't get much skin-to-skin time as I was weak. I give it to the nurses for trying to push for skin-to-skin, but I was unable to get into the right position to nurse my baby half of the time. That's when I learned about the football position and the many types of nipples out there.


To avoid nipple confusion, hospitals would feed your child from a tiny cup. Of course, at that time I knew nothing. I thought they didn't have bottles(blonde moment there!)


Here's some advice—equip yourself with breastfeeding knowledge before birth. You won't regret it! Go for lactation classes because it's worth every penny. Know the process and know your body.


After a week of being home with my baby, I was still struggling to latch successfully. The lactation consultant came several times and I was still unable to get it right. I am not gifted in the nipple area, it took effort every time!



My son, Raul! 🥰


I'll never forget the moment my firstborn, Raul, had a successful latch. It lasted half a minute on my left boob, and it was like a wave of electricity had struck my nerves all the way to the brain. It reminded me a bit of Maxis Fibre's adverts where energy would be powered through the cable at high speed and finally, your internet is running at full speed! Internet was flowing into your devices, and for me, my milk was flowing into Raul. I hold on to that memory because that bond was priceless. There are days that I wished I pulled through, and had more moments like that, but it is what it is.


The lactation consultant kept reassuring I could pull through and that I was almost there. However, after two weeks of trying, she gave me some valuable advice on what's important. I decided that I was going to focus on feeding my child my breast milk in whatever way possible. In my case, through the bottle. The priority was my mental health and to give Raul breastmilk.


Before I knew it, I was in love with expressing milk through breast pumps! I was obsessed, and I looked forward to my me-time during pumping sessions. I was finally smiling, and I appreciated my very heavy melons.


Everything I learned about pumping for Raul helped me with pumping for Rayyan. 👩‍🍼


The schedules, labelling and organising became task-driven and I enjoyed it. The only thing that made my pumping sessions miserable was not being able to have my hands free. It meant that I had to be fixed in my position and my hands were in lock mode.


I had tried a couple of pumping bras, but not only were they hopeless in terms of sizing the material was uncomfortable and it never sat still. Not to mention, the process of attaching and detaching was an added step to my already long to-do list as an exclusively pumping mom.


Some mommies have mentioned that our Real-Support Bra was a godsend to them for their pumping sessions!


If only Boss Mama came earlier! Having easy and accessible slots to place your pumps in a discreet manner is like meeting the ONE. You'll never let go of it!


Mamas, if any of you relate to my story and struggle to latch, know that it's time to access what's important to you and what's best for your baby. Remember that your mental health comes first.


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