When Visiting a New Mama, Kindly....

Mom Truth: “I wish people would ask me how I’m doing vs. how baby is doing. I feel invisible” – this is one of the most common responses I receive on here when we talk about experiences of motherhood.

🖤 So next time you are visiting a new mama/parent let’s ask her how she is feeling, doing, and what she is needing. Better yet, let’s have an action plan in mind and make our visit useful! 

😒 Also, what is a good baby? Can we just stop saying this all together? If good babies exist then so do bad babies and this is just …ridiculous.
Babies are not good or bad. They are human and have human needs. Moms are not good or bad. They are human and complex. So let’s be mindful of our words here. How does it make a mom feel if she does not think she has a "good baby"? Does that mean she's a bad mom?

🦋  So let’s shift the focus and help mamas feel visible. It's one thing YOU can do right now for the new mama in your life.

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