7-Star Milk Booster

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7-Star Milk Booster by Boss Mama

Our Malaysian-made 7-star Milk Booster chocolate flavoured botanical beverage drink is made from botanical ingredients derived from plants and herbs known to boost energy and assist with enhancing milk supply in lactating mothers. Additionally, consuming the 7-Star Booster botanical beverage will enhance your overall health and wellness.

Our 7 key ingredients:
  • Himalayan salt
  • Pegaga
  • Fenugreek
  • Longan
  • Goji berry
  • Red dates
  • Pomegranate

  1. Add one sachet of the 7-Star Milk Booster to a glass.
  2. Pour 120-150ml of hot water and mix until diluted.
  3. (Optional) Add milk of your choice for a creamier taste.
  4. Drink up to milk up! Consume once a day for best results.



Non-dairy creamer, cocoa powder, maltodextrin, skim milk, fructooligosaccharides (FOS), inulin, dark cocoa power, brown rice, sweet potato powder, himalayan salt, goji berry extract, red date extract, alfalfa, longan extract, pegaga powder, pomegranate extract, sucralose, fenugreek, algae oil powder (omega 3). Contains permitted flavours and anti-coagulation agents as an approved food conditioner. Allergens: contains milk.

The 7-Star Booster is not to be referred to as a supplement, but a botanical beverage that is safe to consume on daily basis for its various health benefits. Individuals with sensitivities or allergies to any of the ingredients should avoid consuming this product. For lactating mothers, do consult with a doctor or healthcare professional regarding your suitability to consume this product.

P.S. There was a misprint on the nutrition section of our packaging, so we printed stickers with the corrected nutritional information and pasted it on top. All information found here on our website is accurate and true.

Store in cool, dry place below 25°C. Protect from light & moisture.

The 7-star Booster is verified by KKM under MeSTi to be a food and beverage product that is safe for consumption & it is also certified HALAL. The 7-Star Booster is also proudly made in Malaysia.

Boss Mama 7-Star Milk Booster Certification

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Shalini Nair
Yummy and Tasty!

Previously, I’ve been taking the usual herbal type of milk booster, which tasted quite medicinal, but had to just down it cause it helped with the milk supply. However, this product is soooo good, In the sense, the chocolate taste helps make the drink more consumable. Felt like I was drinking chocolate milk, which is great! Also saw a better yield in my milk supply so yayyy!

Lily Ruzailan
Super Yummy!

A yummy drink with tons of galactagogue ingredients! The drink has the right amount of sweetness and most importantly helps to increase my milk supply!

Nik Nadhirah
No herbal taste!

I just took 1 sachet. I loveee the taste! Chocolate drink with no herbal-ish taste at all. I prepared this cold, and finished this one shot 😂

Even my husband said this tastes good. I dont feel any immediate effect, but I noticed 2 days after intake, I had engorgement. Dah lama tak dapat milk supply that much since my daughter pun dah already 1 year old. But Alhamdulillah, thank you boss Mama, maybe the goji berry and the red dates act as my galactagogue 🥰.

Really appreciate that this comes in an individual packaging, boleh bawak bancuh at work. The portion is just nice utk sekali minum 😊

Irena De Filippou
Surprisingly Effective!

Okay, when I say surprising it's because I'm always a bit of a sceptic because I believe different things work for different people and have heard so many stories of milk boosters not working 😅

I tried two sachets so far, with a day in between taking them and surprisingly felt a difference already. I only direct latch so I didn't have a way of actually measuring the difference but my boobs definitely felt fuller, like the milk was replenishing quicker.

Taste wise it's super yummy and I would probably drink it even if it wasn't a milk booster! It's chocolatey and a bit malty, just the way I like it.

Well done, Boss Mama, on this awesome product.

Fadlina Diyana Muhammed Fadhli
Amazing Immediate Effect!

My baby doesn’t want to direct feed anymore suddenly, so my milk production has been decreasing, I was very worried because I want to keep on supplying milk for her , pumping is not working so well for me .

Normally at night , I can only get around 30 ml. I tried drinking this milk booster , after 1 hr, I try pumping , and amazingly I got 60 ml faster n a lot more than usual ! 60 ml is not much but compared to my usual 30 ml, big difference for one trial ! I’m so happy with the result and definitely will repeat this milk booster .

I do hope we can get more flavours soon, because I’m not really a fan of chocolate hehe , I added oat milk btw. Definitely recommended, who haven’t tried please do !